Tuesday, 20 January 2009


By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Temperatures read 20°C in Washington DC this January 20 2009. Yet the crowd is braving it. "Yes we can"many are shouting and waving the American flag with pride. Many have covered thousands of kilometers to be part of a great moment. Part of history indeed.

Yes Barack Obama is America's 44th President. Yes he is black.US polls show most African Americans see this as a realisation of Martin Luther King Jr's vision.

There is no doubt this day means different things to different people and communities.
It's a moment of joy
A moment of hope.
A moment of love.
A moment of patriotism .
A moment to put on the OBAMA T-shirt or hat.

Many people have gone to the inauguration ground to catch a glimpse of Obama.Others to immortalise the event.

Thousands more are glued to their TV screens? others to their radio sets. Some are using search engines on the Internet for the latest.

According to CNN all twenty-nine thousand hotel rooms in Washington DC are fully booked for the event.Traffic is tight. Security measures as well .

From the look of things, there's so much enthusiasm in the air. There's hope in the horizon. Aspirations are high. The world is waiting! The people are expecting!Not just to have Obama take office as President but to see the so much heralded "change" come to the United States Of America and perhaps other parts of the world.

The incoming white house press secretary Robert Gibbs told CNN this morning, "Obama will be asking people to step-up and do more to change the country and take it to a better direction." He added that Obama will also talk about responsibilities- both for the citizens and financial institutions among other issues expected to feature in his inaugural speech.

Hopes are indeed very high.Obama is quite aware and "hopeful as ever". He will no doubt need to carry a huge dose of hope along to the white house to accomplish his daunting task.

Let's party as he becomes America's 44th President.

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