Monday, 10 March 2014

Stop Violence: Moving Forward - International Women's Day!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Women the world over on March 8, this year came out to mark what some people have now described as a 'yearly rendez-vous' . It was the International Women's Day.

Talks, march pasts, demonstrations, debates, conferences: are but a few of those activities organised on that day. They seek to heighten awareness and draw attention to the plight of the women the world over.

 Over the years, women in Cameroon,  are known to celebrate this day in a rather colourful and unique style. The special "Kaba" attire, the head-gears, the accessories, the march past - a forum to showcase women while denouncing acts of gender-based violence, discrimination, social ills and other acts carried out against them.  Fanfare is a typical characteristic of Women's day celebration in Cameroon .

 Follow the link to get bits and pieces of how women in some parts of Africa and the world spent March 8 2014.

Moving forward , how will the decisions and commitments which have been made in the course of this year's celebration be translated into concrete action rather than mere rhetoric? The challenges remain enormous.....
Please revisit an article I wrote on my blog titled :

 Stop Violence! Real Men Don't Abuse Women/Girls!
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Let the discussion continue as we look ahead with the hope of "inspiring change" -incidentally the 2014 theme !