Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mothers 'Day Tribute-Acclaimed and Honoured.

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen.

I was one of the parents who attended the special mother's  day event at the auditorium of Galaxy International School  over the weekend.
The pupils and students had several presentations all meant to celebrate mothers and motherhood. Songs, poems, short movies, a drama piece  and a lot more featured on the agenda.

It was  a very emotional and heart -warming moments for me as I listened to the beautiful things that were said about mothers amid the outpouring of love from the children on stage.
Among some of the key messages were:
"Being a mother is the hardest job in the world ,yet the best job !"
"Mother's love is unconditional ".
"Mother's love is tender".
"Thank you mothers for all your love , care and sacrifice !"
"Mothers we love you ! "
During the event several themes were echoed such as ; love, sacrifice, respect, obedience, gratitude, selflessness, understanding, perseverance, and patience. 

The principal of the school in a brief word during the ceremony,  commended the role of parents in general and mothers in particular, as key in the lives and successes of their children
Then came what I would call an unexpected twist.
I was acclaimed and honoured" for being an outstanding mom to my kids, others' and the entire school community . For tremendous support, advice, ideas and meaningful  contributions towards the students, staff, parents ,the school 's management team and the school in general.
OMG!  Seriously I never saw this coming!  As I walked on stage so much ran through my mind. I thought of how God sometimes gives us the wisdom , strength  and energy to do little things in meaningful ways thus impacting others and contributing to their successes as well.

I remembered being acclaimed during several  Parents-Teachers' Conferences for my contribution in home-tutoring and for providing effective follow up  and guidance to my children thus enabling them emerge among the best/tops in their respective classes over the years.
I said to myself "Thank you Jesus" .
Thank you Galaxy International School for the huge recognition for I was one among five other parents honoured during the special Mother's Day event.
Thank you my children ! Having you both and raising you, has given me  immeasurable joy and  taught me how to be the mother I dreamt of becoming, back then when I was a young girl.
Being a mother is truly the hardest job yet the best job.

Thank you too my husband for your role,  plus your constant love and care! 
Thank you mother for setting the pace for me to follow.  In raising  your children you set the example for us to follow and encouraged us to even be better. I love you mom  for who you are and all that you have been to me, the family and  the community !
Happy Mothers Day!