Sunday, 10 May 2009

How Can I Thank Mother?

Written & Posted by Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Mothers are so special!
So do they know how to make theirs feel special.

Role models they are to many of theirs,
Sacrifices they make on behalf of theirs!

How can I hold back my grateful tears, mother?
How can I ever pay you for all these years, mother?
How can I make the world know you've been a blessing all these years, mother?

Your love has been constant.
Your love has been my rock.
Your love has been my fuel.

You are my refuge and my stronghold!
You are worthier than gold.
You are my pride!

Mother you deserve the best!
For you have been the best!
You have equally given me the best.

For bringing me forth to the world, I say thank you.
For the days you couldn't eat because I needed more food, I say thank you.
For staying awake because of me, I say thank you.
For all you have done to make me a better "me", I say thank you.

I know I can never thank you enough mother!
But I'm certain I can offer you my love, mother!
I know I can also pray for you, mother!

Let the heavens open up for continuous pouring of blessings on you!
May it always rain gold on you.