Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Journalists Turned Musicians! Giving Ourselves A Treat!

 By Mabi Azefor Fominyen,

I was having a shower this morning when I began smiling to myself! In fact I had been thinking about the musical show that took place three days ago at Limpala spot in Dakar,Senegal.

The story began sometime in June this year(2012), when a group of journalists (CAMJOSEN) decided to set aside a day in December for a "Karaoké show". In fact I have always thought that beyond the everyday journalistic work; gathering news, writing stories, doing interviews, anchoring the news, producing and presenting programmes to name but these, Journalists or media practitioners as I prefer to call them, actually needed to drop their pens, microphones, voice recorders, cameras, computers and other work material and simply be part of some fun activity that will enable them showcase other talents and why not entertain themselves.So I sold the idea!

The idea was quickly bought by the others and we began to work towards this event. First, everyone had to choose two or more songs from their favourite artist. Next we began rehearsing individually! In the months that followed we sought to know how prepared everyone was. Some days we wondered if the event would finally hold, given that some of the journalists became so busy and traveled too often owing to professional reasons. But we kept our fingers crossed. Then we put in place a little committee in-charge of putting in place all the logistics and ensuring the event went on smoothly. As D-day approached we exchanged emails more frequently in a bid to assess the state of preparedness!  Everyone sounded confident!

Helas our wish became a reality when last Sunday night we all took turns to treat ourselves to what I would describe as a beautiful musical show. It was the CAMJOSEN KARAOKE NIGHT for this Christmas!

Far from any journalistic or communication routine, we took to the stage in style doing playbacks, accapella, ballet and more. We  danced to the beats of some Cameroonian rythms like; Makossa, bikutsi, Assiko as well as to some Afro Jazz beats, R and B  and a wide range of others. We were inspired by musicians like Narcisse Pryze, Nguea La Route,  Henri Dikongué, Dina Bell, Marthe Zambo, Sally  Nyollo, Zangalewa, Koko Ateba, Olivier Cheuwa, Petit Pays, Sergeo Polo  Zele le Bombadier, Patience Dabany, Ottis Redding, Don Williams, Kci and JOJO, Shania Twain among others!

We also let the cameras roll so we could capture those moments and
why not share some of it with you!

....and  like a dream so it happened! Merry Christmas Everyone! I trust most of you (Journalists) will be at work even on Christmas day!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

AFRICITIES 2012 Cameroon's Cultural Evening part 2--Just Pictures!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen;
Jean Koe Ntonga,Cameroon's Ambassador to Senegal

Typical Cameroonian outfit!

ADAMOU NDAM NJOYA,Mayor of Foumban

Fritz Ntoné Ntoné,Government delegate for Douala City council and a some guests

Vincent Nduma Gov't Delegate B'da City Council, Egbe Sabine-Tinto Mayor ,Mrs Ntongwé-Kumba 1 council, Donatus Njong-Mayor for Kumbo

Donny Elwood & Myself

Mabi, Godlove Kamwa and Nathalie Wakam (Journalists)

( Introducing) Manlolo Petit Canard 

Some of the artists who played during the cultural event

  I managed to snap someone's plate,there was Cameroonian food in plenty!

All photo credits:Mabi Azefor Fominyen.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Africities cultural evening:How and Who from Cameroon?

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen,
In my last post on Africities holding in Dakar-Senegal (Dec4-8,2012) I promised to come back with more from the cultural evening organised  as part of the event.

On the invitation of Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation René Emmanuel SADI and Cameroon's Ambassador to Senegal Jean Koe NTONGA, a host of personalities and dignitaries  at the sixth edition of AFRICITIES attended the cultural event alongside the state officials from Cameroon, government delegates, mayors and the rest of the Cameroonian delegation

(Donny ELWOOD from Cameroon)
Cameroonian born-artist, Donny Elwood renowned for his caustic lyrics and thought- provoking songs sometimes full of political satire: was on stage. It was in 1996 that Donny Elwood released his first musical album and a second came in 2001. Today he has many albums to his credit.

(Narcis Kokam)
 Comedy was also part of the evening with the Cameroonian veteran Comedian Kokam Narcisse offering the guests a beautiful doze of Comedy-made- in -Cameroon.While on stage he touched on the daily social realities, expectations and challenges of his community, using the people's jargon. Noting that he was showcasing Cameroon's bilingualism Narcisse Kokam switched from French to English holding the crowd spell-bound and sometimes earning rounds of applause as the people watched him perfom. He' s been in the comedy business for over 30years.
 Another artist originally from Cameroon but who has spent a greater part of his career life in Senegal: Bakana Bakana- popularly known as manlolo Petit Canard  and the Wanda street Ochestra added spice to the night. The ochestra accompanied a few artists including Senegalese-born FEDIOR in his interpretation of two songs originally played by the Grammy-award winner and Senegal's current minister of Leisure and Tourism Yousour Ndour.
(Fedior )

(Mabi introducing Senegal's Ndella Xalas; the lone female artist of the night)

(Jeannot Mendoza)
A good doze of zouk love music was also part of that cultural event.Jeannot MENDOZA from Cape Verde who has been in the music industry for close to 10years served the guests with what he calls"CABO-LOVE" explaining to me that "Cabo" refered to his origin and LOVE signifies the kind of music he sings; zouk love.

I was particularly delighted to introduce on stage Ndella Xalas  from Senegal. Together with her energetic dancers they all thrilled the guests.
(Manlolo & the Wanda street ochestra) 
Manlolo-Petit Canard in Assiko display

In a  typical bassa style-Manlolo petit canard did put up an impressive assiko display to crown the cultural night. At some point he placed a bottle of water on his head and danced towards the crowdLater on he added a second bottle before gulping down an entire bottle of water in one-go- amid thunderous applause from those present.

(Manlolo gulps a bottle of water as he displays before the crowd)
 What  a moment! What a treat to many who had never seen anything like that before!

Beyond the cultural fiesta, the Africities Cameroonian cultural night equally provided an opportunity for Minister Rene Emmanuel SADI to urge all present to intensify efforts towards the development of local councils, cities and Africa's territories irrespective of the challenges they might be facing noting that it was vital, in order to build a better Africa.

(below Me and Mr. Vincent Ndumu,Government Delegate,Bamenda City Council-NW Cameroon.)

(Me and Mr Mbella Moki Charles Mayor of Buea,SW-Cameroon)

( Egbe Sabina En-Mayor of Tinto-SW Cameroon,
Mrs Ntongwe Ajang Pamela-Executive Council officer,Kumba 1council-SW  Cameroon,
Mr Donatus Njong- Mayor of Kumbo-NW Cameroon)

 All Photo Credits: Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Africities Holding In Dakar!

Mabi Azefor Fominyen,

Dakar has been the rallying point for three former African heads of states, city council mayors, local government officials ; among the over 500 participants attending the sixth edition of the conference of local government officials known as AFRICITIES.

Former South African President Thabo Mbeki, together with Ex-Presidents Pedro Pires of Cape Verde, and Nicephore Soglo of Benin during the opening of the summit chaired by Senegal's President Macky Sall; all underscored the pivotal role that local governments play in the development of many nations and urged that strenghtening Africa's cities and local governments was of utmost importance.

The theme for this sixth summit is "Building Africa from its territories: What challenges for local governments?".

Tonight, a Cultural evening holds in honour of delegates and some particitants attending the Africities summit in Dakar.

Attending the event in my capacity as the Impresario( MC like it is popularly called), will no doubt be another opportunity to capture highlights and share with you all.

Watch out then for more!