Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Journey To Sierra Leone!

Mabi Azefor Fominyen,

My journey to Sierra Leone captures highlights and sums up my mood from the moment I received last minute "safe journey" from colleagues till when I finally arrived in Free-Town. I was setting out on a misson to Sierra Leone to support the launch of  the Women's Situaton Room- a platform to promote peace and security in view of upcoming elections  and to also to work with the communication team throughout the series of events to take place in Sierra Leone, in the days ahead . I travelled from Dakar to Sierra Leone September 21, 2012.

Driver takes my suitcase to the car 

Enroute to the Airport

 Upon arrival at the airport in Sierra Leone  like everyone else, I bought a ticket for the boat, but I was just wondering what it woud be like crossing to Free town in a boat- amid the rains that greeted our arrival-see the look on my face! How I wish I could do this otherwise!
Doing my utmost to enjoy the ride  but it was bumpy with the waves... Oh My God! But we made it to the other end and I was happy to meet the female driver and one other colleague who had come to pick me up-How nice to meet a female professional driver-really sooo nice ! 
welcome to Sierra Leone