Thursday, 16 January 2014

Snapshots of 2013

In 2013, many family events marked the year. They included; birthdays, our journey to Cameroon, the family  reunion, and events back at home with my siblings, the family thanksgiving event/memorial for our late dad/ Celebration of his life and lots more!

All through the year, God was guiding and protecting my family and I, every step of the way! It is therefore with great joy that I revisit  and share some of those moments as captured by the my photo camera.

my son and daughter cut the birthday cake
Son shares his birthday cake with classmates as dad looks on!
Off to Cameroon!
Azefor girls and Mom in Nkwen
What a holiday! Thank you sisters!
my sisters and I, - meeting back home
Celebrating my nephew's birthday upon arrival home
My nieces, nephews,kids & I , happy to see each other again
Kids meet Mbamba- great grandma!
Celebrating our dad's life!

Some moments of 2013 .

My daughter loves her school  and impatiently waited for her birthday! When the birthday came she had a chance to celebrate with her school mates!
Her BD cake
Ngwi turned 11