Monday, 9 July 2012

Well Done Daughter! School Is Out!

It was the last day of school and so parents were invited to be part of the end of year festivity at my daughter's school. We were treated to songs, poems ,dance, the debate and lots more.
A key point during that ocassion was the award of prizes to the best students. She had gone in for a completely bilingual programme-meaning she had to double her efforts this year. And so she did! When my daughter was pronounced the best in her class- we all felt really proud especially because she has kept her record of "all-time-best" even as she moves from one class/level to the next.
Well done daughter, We are proud of you! Keep working hard!

Mom's Here!

It's so nice to have mom around. She will be spending the holidays with us in Dakar. How nice! Welcome mom! Time for the kids to play with grandma!