Friday, 8 February 2013

In Uganda: New year, New location!

I have only been in Kampala, Uganda for a couple of days now and  for some reason it reminds me so much of home:Cameroon!

The weather, the fresh air and breathe-taking-nature, beautiful hills and valleys: just awesome! The foodstuff(plantains, bananas, cocoyams,  etc), fruits and vegetables all sold at the markets and along the streets, are very fresh and  quite affordable. The warm and welcoming people, to name but these .....!

Perhaps it will take a little while to understand that unlike home vehicle owners here all drive on the right-hand side .

I also couldn't help noticing the white uniforms worn by policemen and policewomen !

Of course the ' boda bodas' (commercial motorbikes), are present and serve as a good means of transportation for many:  just like back in Cameroon(where they are known as bend-skin) and in Senegal where I have lived for over 4 years !

 It might be too soon to say so but I seem to like Uganda!