Friday, 18 November 2011

Dakar- It's Getting Cooler !

Mabi Azefor Fominyen

A few weeks ago in Dakar it seemed like one was baking in the heat! Stepping out of the house was a real pain but there wasn't much one could do about the weather.

Sometimes I felt like going to the beach to enjoy a bit of fresh air. Crazy though , but I actually felt like moving houses to live closer to the beach. Then I figured out the hassle that often comes with moving houses- for sure I wasn't ready to face that as well.

At other times, choosing what to put on was a real problem. This was true for my entire household. Funny! But I watched my kids turn almost every single item that come in handy into a "fanning object". Name it, a book, a cd,a paper , etc.
Now the weather is changing. The heat is fast giving way to a relatively cooler and fresher weather! It feels better! I Pray it last longer this time around!

The weather pattern changes ever so often that one never knows what to expect. My daughter tells her cousins all the time that in" Senegal we sometimes experience four different seasons in one day! Extreme heat and sunshine, windy /dusty sometimes light showers/cold and before you know it you are back to extreme heat".