Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oh Yes I Did It! I Designed The Hats!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

I once received a young and talented male hat designer as guest on the Cameroon TV breakfast show 'Hello'. He weaved a hat on-set and I was marvelled by the art!

I love wearing hats and have always wanted to design them. I couldn't figure out how to.
Recently I decided to investigate the art of millinery. I read a story about a reknown hat designer Patricia Underwoods and how she got into the art. Her story inspired me especially when she said: "A hat should not call attention to itself. It should flatter the face and relate to have the material, the sewing machine and the mirror at hand...think of making a hat as an adventure, make one that suits you....".

Why not give it a try, I thought!

So I went to the market, bought a few items and accessories I imagined would make the hat beautiful, got home and started working on something.My idea was to come up with a, nice but simple piece. I checked in the mirror every now and then to see what it looked like.

Hey! Behold I did it! Oh yes I made a red hat !My sister Lynda couldn't believe it when she got me on the webcam as we chated and I was showing off what i just designed.

"You did that!?" she wondered.

Oh yes I did.
After making the hat I thought now that's interesting . The following day I was off to the market again to get more material so I could give it another try. See what I have been able to design since my debut in hat-making...

I am about to enroll in a milliners' course at a fashion Institute to perfect the art!

I'll see what my talent, my love for arts & craft, plus sewing would lead me into!


Louis Ngwa said...

Thats quite an inspiration there. I am sure your instincts and passion will put you one day at the forefront of hats designing.

mabsfominyen said...

Thank you so much Louis.May all that you wish me come true.Today I had my first lessons to perfect the art, let's see how that goes.

brenda-maikem said...

Wow! Really, I am speechless. But you know what? I am speechless but not surprised. What will you say of such a person in your life that will always make you believe you can always achieve your dreams even when the future seems o bleak and insecure? For sure, you have always been such a person in my life. All the times that I have realized my life is almost in pieces, you have always been there to teach me how to gather the pieces and put them into a whole piece.
My dear, I must affirm the fact that this coming from you is not a surprise for me at all. For you have always made me to believe that everything is possible in so far as one has got the will power. And I can see you putting all those sayings in to practice. What else can I say than to tell you that” I AM REALLY PROUD OF YOU".
You need to know how I feel now. I feel that push of encouragement. It is like you are right here with me saying, "Brenda, you will make it. You just need to believe in yourself". Keep it up dear.

mabsfominyen said...

Dear Brend,

Thank you indeed! I am proud of you too!Thanks for the feedback.