Tuesday, 20 January 2009

"It Happened"

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

And so it happened.

Barack Obama was sworn in at 12:05 pm ET . Tuesday.

His inaugural speech touched on a myriad of issues.
The challenges that await America, the situation in Iraq, the re-making of America......
"Our challenges may be new...."

Among other things he talked about some moments that have defined the times in America.The economy which needs bold and swift action.
Words like faith, hope over fear, freedom, strength of a nation , hard work, honesty, stood out clearly as he went on.

"What is required from all of us now is a new era of responsibility" Obama told his people.

Other highlights of the event included the song by the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin "My Country Tis Of Thee" . The Poem read out by Elizabeth Alexanda an American poet . The thought-provoking words of prayer from the clergy.

Of course I can't fail to mention the two Obama girls plus Mum, all looked splendid. As I watched them I wondered what must have been going through their minds as Dad- Barack Obama took the oath of office.

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