Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Kids Klub Highlights and Pics !

Share in some of the great moments we had at the Mabs' English kids' klub!
(Kids at the garden appreciating colors and objects and preparing their presentations)
(Time for everyone to present and take questions /provide answers- encouraging public speaking)
Kids are happy to see a TV-journalist/presenter pop in, to share his experience and some techniques on public- speaking. Thanks Eric for joining us at the Klub !
Time to do the kids' Klub line dance-bend down low and touch your toes............; Its Fun!
We encourage the learni ng and the use of ICTs !
Thank you Mom for helping at the Klub!
Thanks Eric for sharing and for inspiring the kids!
Klub dance!
Kids klub entertain parents!Go boys!!!!!!!!!
Join us and be part of our activities!
Thank you kids for making my world better!
 I thank God for inspiration!Thank you parents!

....................and to you kids; BE BLEST, GO YI AND SHINE!


Ngwiwa said...

Wow, this is so inspirational. I wish I had public speaking lessons when I was their age. These experiences are priceless. Kudos big sis.

mabsfominyen said...

This is simply wonderful. Great idea and a selfless mission to educate and promote self-confidence. Way to go Mabi! So very proud of you .

(comment by Lady T.)posted by mabs

mabsfominyen said...

Thank you Ngwi for the kudos!

Lady T. Thanks a million for the feedback

Godlove Kamwa said...

aQuite interesting, may the good God bless your imagination and full your inspiration Mabi. Did u see how children really neededd u? Do u know kids are the greatest presence of the Lord in our life?
Sorry I could'nt attend the last class but I'm sure I'll soon have more opportunities to integrate such an atmosphere.
Godlove ur bros!