Monday, 13 August 2012

At The Mabs Kids' Klub

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen,

We have been bustling with actvities at the Mabs' Kids Klub. For two weeks some 16 kids gathered at the Klub and we all worked on many different projects- dress art,  fun jewlry, crafts,origami,colouring, drawing, painting,puppet show, show and tell, singing , dancing,choreography,public speaking drill, kids' talent show, storytelling and lots more!

We played with numbers, letters, shapes, colours and words. We visited the flower garden to get closer to nature and to identify the different colours and objects.

We used the flute, the drums, the tambourine to play and sng along some famous kids songs like A-B-C-D-E-F-G....H-I-J-K., Londonbridge is falling down


See the many hands trying to do the dress art?  Great teamwork!

At the Klub we never  say'we can't. We rather  'believe we can' and so 'we try really hard to make it'.
 How about that?

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Anonymous said...

waoh ins formidable job!!!!!! so proud of you.