Saturday, 5 September 2009

What a moment with the kids at the Klub!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen
It's been two weeks of fun with the kids at the Mabs' English Kids' Klub(MEKK). Eleven kids between the ages of 2-10 have taken part in our holiday programme.

0h my! I have been playing games & jumping around with the kids like never before, singing some of those favourite kids' songs(if you are happy and you know it clap your hands...)
drawing, painting, colouring as well as carrying out art and craft projects,

telling stories, teaching them the art of reading and public speaking, encouraging them to read as many books as possible, building team spirit among kids, testing their leadership abilities..... and all of these made me so proud, just like the other facilitators who gave me a big hand.

The kids have had a great time interacting with each other, doing the ABC soup, using tissue tubes to make pencil holders, making necklaces, designing paper shirts and ties, decorating the map of Africa, making party hats , crowns and many other items.

At the end of the programme, the kids showcased some of things they have learnt and designed while at the Klub and their parents were so thrilled. Like the kids, the parents all wished the programme could go on for a few more weeks.

This is another dream of mine that is gradually turning into reality:MABS ENGLISH KIDS' KLUB(MEKK). I sure would want to see this project grow, thus, giving a chance to many more kids to join in, share knowledge, gather new skills as well as put their talents into use and their imaginations to test.

(Kids building a puzzle)

I am most grateful to the parents, kids , facilitators and all who took part in the activites!


Ngens said...


This is amazing...MEKK is a great idea especially in a place where the English Language is not spoken. I am very proud of you sis. Those kids look very excited and happy. Its obvious they had such a great time. You never cease to amaze me darling....may God bless. Hurray to you and your entire team!!!!

T! Ntemgwa said...

Thanks for sharing Mabs, when i have my kid, i will fly her/him over to u for a fun-packed vacation!

mabsfominyen said...

Indeed the kids had a great time. Some of their parents have been telling me the kids still want to come to MEKK even after we wrapped up activities for this season.
God bless you too.

T, Ntemgwa,
I will be happy to have your kid join in my Kids'Klub and have a fun-filled vacation.Pls hurry hahaha!