Saturday, 19 September 2009

Mabi's World Turns One !

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

It has been a year since I launched Mabi’s World and posted my first blog.
I simply can’t believe how time flies.

What started timidly, especially given my little interest in ICT’s (at the time), has grown bigger than I ever imagined.

I have had some great experiences during this first year.

Mabi’s World has made me become IT Savvy; pushing me to improve my skills to the point of helping others start up blogs.

Interacting with fellow bloggers has been terrific! Reading about Mabi’s World from other blogs has been so heart-warming.

Mabi’s World has helped me speak about my passions: leadership, parenting, family, gender issues, arts & craft, my designs (De MABS DESIGN) etc. Sometimes I cooked on the blog; qt other times I celebrated the lives of people and mourned beloved ones.

This is different from writing journalistic reports & presenting on TV. It is multi-media: taking pictures, editing photos, uploading images, videos, podcasts and more.

Many of you have been to Mabi’s World, some have left comments and very worthy additions to issues posted on the blog. Others, follow my blog regularly.
I am deeply indebted to all of you! You all make part of Mabi’s World. Thanks immensely !

Let’s all see what lies ahead on Mabi’s World.


PreXav said...

Happy Anniv...

Thank you for inspiring me to start blogging


Issa said...

Good to see you maintained the blog for a year. It isn't as easy as some may think it is.

Impressive to see Cameroonians talking about personal things which have an incidence on national and international issues.

If you peruse other blogs by Cameroonians, it seems there is only one person in their world -Paul Biya.

I understand he is President of the Republic and a controversial one, but that cannot be the only topic in a people's life.

Thanks for the hats,the cuisine, the child care and most especially the articles on gender and women's rights. It's your thing we know.

Do I need to tell you that we miss you on Cameroon television?

No human being is indispensable, they say, but each one has a style of their own. Yours made "Hello" whole.
It was a breakfast show when you were there. We could at least see the breakfast, although we could not taste it. Now the cooking stove is an ornament and the parlour is a dance floor.

We learned a lot from the people you interviewed. And it wasn't only about "big people". My favourite was that janitor with the many British medals and several wives as well as the Mbororo man called Jaji.

You are so good at interviewing - maybe that is what I would advise you to give more time to in your second year of blogging.

Happy anniversary.


Valérie said...

I'm very happy to work with you. You've got a lot of imagination which serve your "philantropy" (i'm not sure of the traduction). It's a great pleasure to read you with your sparkling style.