Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Go and Rest Auntie, Becky Ndive We Will Miss You!

Written by Mabi Azefor Fominyen

I barely dried my tears following Michael Jackson's death only to learn about Becky Ndive's passing on!


So I thought: what a cruel world we live in ! Is it so cruel that some "STARS "can no longer bear but pass on to a world beyond? Otherwise, how can Auntie Becky ( like she was fondly called) die when she was always so full of life?

She would weep for others and sympathise with many!
She would visit you if you were sick!
She would cheer you up if you were feeling low!
She would joke even when no one expected her to.

She would tell you to 'keep up the good work and be there for listeners and viewers'
She would make you feel proud of yourself in a 'house' where others hardly did same!

She was such a warm person in an environment where such charateristics were lacking. When I was appointed deputy service head in-charge of coordinating CRTV's provincial radio progammes and sent to work at CRTV's National Station (2005), Auntie Becky opened her arms and heart to welcome me. I presented Luncheon date, a CRTV national radio magazine programme which Auntie Becky Ndive used to coordinate to great acclaim.

She joined me in the studio on many ocassions to present 'LIVING WITH AIDS' - a regular health feature she produced and presented every Wednesday on "Luncheon Date". Whenever she came into the studio I was most humbled by how much she gave to satisfy the listeners .

She often had very kind words for her younger colleagues and would urge us not to relent. Like she once told me " I di come go retirement so wona need for continue the work".

She was full of concern. She would call me after broadcasts of the CRTV television breakfast show - 'HELLO' - to give me feedback. One day she told me ' You make me not to leave my house early in the morning because I have to stay and watch TV until you are done with the programme".

She had a style and knew so well how to touch her listeners and viewers! I remember on one edition of the Wake Up Show on CRTV National Station, the sportscaster told a story about one of Cameroon's footballers buying a number of motor-bikes for youths of the under-privileged neighbourghood in which he grew up on the condition that they report each with 1000 FCFA daily to his mother. "Ma mami eh who give dat kind money, na dey Becky don rich!,"Auntie Becky exclaimed (almost instinctively). That was her style!

She was fun to talk to! She had the kind of voice you would love to listen to!

I last spoke to Auntie Becky in early May 2009. I had called to say ' thank you auntie for the love, care and support shown me and my family' . But she responded to my telephone call from a hospital bed. Saddened, I told her I wished I were home to pay her a visit but she said (softly) 'go my daughter , I miss watching you on TV and getting you on the radio but I understand you had to move on, take care of yourself and the family '.

I have tears rolling down my cheeks as I look back. How can I hold back the tears?

Not when I think of how you used to call me 'your daughter and daughter in law ' and refer to my hubby as your 'son' ?

Not when I think of how you were a source of inspiration to my daughter when she was called up to be 'The Moderator' of a debate presented by the nursery section of her school! She still remembers meeting and talking to you about that debate.

How can I forget that you loved 'THE DEBATE' on CRTV and continued to handle it even when it was "retirement time"? What a legacy!

How can I forget your passion for women and gender issues? A passion we both shared. You were not just a journalist and a senior colleague. You were much more.

How can I forget the pleasant surprises you often had for me? Like the lovely gift you brought back from the UK. You said it was to keep your son's wife "sparkling" on TV and that is how "Bakweris take care of their wives!".

Go Auntie! Go and finally get some rest!

But we will miss you sorely.


Anonymous said...


It was with heartfelt consternation and shock to learn of Auntie Becky’s sudden death over CRTV Radio on Monday morning, 13 July 2009, after a protracted illness. She is joining in a long list of seasoned veteran journalists who passed away of late: Acho Che Mathias (”the Wise Man”), Ayuk Augustine Ayuk (”AAA”), George Tanni…All of them were on retirement not long after the cruel hand of death visited.

The article below was published just when Auntie was about leaving CRTV for a deserved rest. She talks about the early stages of her life, her successes and challenges.

April 19, 2007

Becky Ndive: CRTV Matron & Maestro

Promoting Community Development or Nursing “Gender Seeds”?

By Akere-Maimo in Yaounde

For those who regularly watch Cameroon’s National Television – CRTV, Ms Becky Ndive – fondly called Auntie Becky – is a household name and a celebrated TV personality, whose motherly touch and passion for hard work have earned her a deserved accolade, yet unnoticed. She has comfortably created a niche for herself with popular TV programmes such as the “The Debate” and the “Monday Show” on CRTV. In addition, she has anchored popular talk shows on the national network radio station, CRTV, one of which was the early morning “Wake Up Show”. With 27 years of applying herself diligently to the service of her nation, she now requires a deserved rest. In fact, she retired two years ago, but was given two extra years that have already expired. Well, the question which is the orbit of our concern is her ambitions after CRTV. After CRTV, what next for Auntie Becks?

For more this story, visit the following link:

Azefor said...

I was very shocked by the news of Aunti Becky's death. It still feels weird putting her name together in the same sentence with the word "Death". But we all know, God has a special way of letting us know who is in charge. We pray that HE accepts her soul in Heaven to join those who went ahead of her. May your soul R.I.P Auntie Becks, until we meet again. You remain an inspiration for many of us.

Emmanuel said...

I have just stumbled on your eulogy piece to Auntie Becky posted on our pamolite forum. Great piece and hope she has solace in her new journey of piece.
I had to check out your blog though and happy to read through the postings especially with the smooth Digongue simmering on the background, but is it in Dakar not Buea? Well, good blog

mabsfominyen said...

Dear Akere,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing that piece you did on Auntie Becky.That was a great interview you had with auntie Becky a few years back. You might have noticed that in writing the post about Auntie Becky I included a link to your article.

I equally remember her being a guest on 'HELLO' back in July 2006 and the wonderful feedback we received from viewers.

Dear Azefor,
Thanks for sharing your views. May her soul rest in peace.

Nengela said...

What a well written tribute to a well deserved person! Thank you Mabs for always giving us the opportunity in your blog to share our grieve. I will never recover from the shock of Auntie Becky's passing! She was so full of life! Indeed larger than life personality.
May her gentle, kind and generous soul rest in perfect peace!
To my dear friend Eweli and the rest of the family, may the Good Lord give you all the courage to go through this very difficult moment?
RIP Auntie!

mabsfominyen said...

I am grateful for the visit and the very warm comments.

I am happy my blog provides such a forum. Thanks for airing your thoughts.

RIP Auntie Becky.

Pashy emby said...

This may be a great star of our nation and profession disappearing but the one thing that comforts is the fact that while being such a popular person, she affected soo many people positively and will keep her legacy on for years to come. Other icons should learn from this and do as much good in their lifetime because no one knows when death comes, Aunty Becky was blessed to live this long others may not. Just like you were to Hello so was aunty becky to the monday show and The Debate. It could and would never be thesame again.