Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson, dead! Hard to Believe It!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

I had been looking forward to his "come back" this July (2009) only to learn of his sudden death!

Michael Jackson was loved by many, kids and adults alike. He was an icon and a role model .

I remember watching Michael Jackson when I was growing up and wishing I could dance like he did.

In my first year in secondary school I performed "We Are The World" during a welcome show for form one students. That was a dream fulfilled!

All across the world Michael Jackson touched the hearts of many. He was an extraordinary singer and performer and won thirteen Grammy Awards during his career. He was so talented!
We loved him, loved the dance, the songs, the clips, the outfits!

Beyond his successful musical career this Pop Star had a plethora of issues to grapple with over the years.

Perhaps CNN's Larry King summed it all when he said "It was hard to love him and hard not to love him".

Would there be another Michael Jackson to set the world dancing?


Azefor said...

Whens death come knocking, there is no escape. The world was shocked but Micheal's sudden death. One thing remains certain, he was and will remain a major part of pop culture in this world. Still th king of pop. He joins the ranks of the legendary Bob Marley. May his soul Rest In Peace, King of Pop.

Ngwiwa said...

Really a hard one to believe. Michael Jackson, dead!!! The world will never have any one like him; not with this combination of talents, and a kind heart which cuts accross so many races.
RIP Michael.

mabsfominyen said...

Dear Ngwiwa & Azefor,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Michael Jackson on my blog. The world will miss him!

T! Ntemgwa said...

I will miss Michael, i used to perform "the way you make me feel" in secondary school! And now, the way his passing makes me feel, sad of course, but happy that he is definitely in a better place, away from all the noise and talk! Adieu MJ!

Nengela said...

Thanks for the oppourtunity to share our feelings on MJ.

It's been hard to believe Michael Jackson is no more! It was even harder to watch his memorial service today and all the beautiful out pouring of emotions for a real human being not just the iconic MJ. I was so shattered to see his eleven year old daughter speak so affectionately of her Dad. That was so sweet!
Taking a walk down memory lane of all his songs I just realized I actually was a fan of all of his work, name it I love it! I simply liked everything this guy ever sang.
Like the founder of Motown puts it “He was the greatest entertainer of all times”
RIP MJ, I will forever miss you!

pashy emby said...

I have cried sooo much and i still do...but lets look at the other side. All Michael Jackson songs were perfect!(i mean every word..puurrffecct) But My most Favourite picks are Come together (guitar rocks), Don't stop til' you get enough ( he looked so cute in the video), Black and white & Thriller(coolest videos ever), Butterflies and Blame it on the boogie. His unique voice made you feel every emotion in every word as you listened to him sing. He was my first crush ..when i was little i was certain i'll get married to him some day. Nomatter what people may say, based on his mistakes, i'd say mikey was human and it could not possibly be easy to be the most popular human in the world (Known by people the world over..for real). People thought they had the right to judge his errors because they thought he belonged to them.
I say Michael lives on, even my 7 year old nephew cried with me while we mourned his death. We needed him but he had given enough (guinness book world record holder of the most charity organisations) God knows best. we loved him but God loves him More(like mikey used to reply). So i am happy he has left this wicked world behind, he sure deserves the best. maybe in Heaven the neverland we never understood.