Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Try This, It's Easy!

Posted by Mabi Azefor Fominyen

My daughter returned from school the other day and requested I help repair the zip of her friend's pencil case. While in school the zipper had given way and she promised her friend she could ask her mum to help repair it.

Once home she asked me "Mum could you please help fix my friend's pencil case?She loves it so much and she was so sad in school when it got bad" .

At first I didn't know what to tell her! Then she went on to say "please mum I know you can do it , just use your sewing machine and sew it."

In fact I was wondering how I was actually going to put back the zip, given that I had never sewn a pencil case before.

At least I knew how to fit in a zip on a dress so I told her I was going to completely take out the old zip and fit it another one so her friend would be able use the pencil case again.
Just like my daughter had suggested, I was able to help fix the pencil case.

When I took a closer look at the pencil case I noticed it looked too small and faded so I decided to attempt a new one.

This is what I came up with!

The following day my daughter took both the old and the new pencil case to school and handed them to the friend. She was simply over joyed.

Since then a few others have equally asked me to make pencil cases for them.

This reminds me of many mothers out there who take delight in putting their passions, talents and time to use, for the good of entire households and communities when the need arises.


T! Ntemgwa said...

Thanks for giving your daughter's friend a reason to smile Mabs!

Julius said...

HEllo Mabi,

I must admit u have a wonderful daughter that can push u to try out new things.very few people do face their fears the way u did. Courage to your efforts and Bravo to your daughter.

Moka Ndolo said...

Hello Mabi,
I only used to hear you awesome voice but finally i get to experience more than the journalistic part of you! You are a role model worth emulating! Today is my first time of visiting your blog and i plan to have it bookmarked! hehe, You are a born artist and trust me, your creativity lives on!!!

mabsfominyen said...
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mabsfominyen said...

Dear T! and Julius,

Thank you for saluting my efforts as well as for the kind words directed to my daughter and myself.

Dear Moka,
Welcome to my blog.I take your feedback as a gift from you to me.Thanks.

I pray that through my art and talent others who are far more talented yet never put their talents nor creativity into use might wake up in spite of who/what/where we are! Please do well to check out the older posts.