Thursday, 30 April 2009

I Google Searched Myself! Terrific what I saw !

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

As a Journalist/ Mass communicator it behoves me to gather and disseminate information on a wide range of issues. This implies searching for the information , interviewing people, writing news stories , reporting the stories, producing and presenting the news plus programmes among other things. On many occasions therefore I have been the interviewer and not the interviewee. In other words- the one asking the questions rather than providing the answers but for the few instances when some Cameroonian newspapers and magazines turned the spotlight on me.
This morning I attempted a google search of my names and whaaoooo! Terrific -the tons of literature I found on the Internet following the search! And so I was able to once more read through an interview granted me (in 2005) by the Post newspaper and published in it's edition of Thursday 28 July 2005. Meet Mabi Azefor Jack of All Journalism .

So much has changed in my career life after that interview for in November 2005 I was appointed Deputy Service Head in charge of CRTV's Provincial Radio Programmes , thus moving from Douala to Yaounde-CRTV's National Radio Station.

In February 2006, I appeared on TV (Cameroon's National Television) as the Pioneer Presenter of CRTV's breakfast show HELLO- a moment many of my fans will live to remember.
( Mabi on hello set with Rev. Angela Acha-Morfaw plus floor manager setting the stage-Feb 2006 )
In the course of time, I was appointed Chief of English Language TV-Programmes (Jan 2008). (Mabi on hello set- July 25, 2006)
As I "throw-in -the-towel" as well as celebrate the path so far covered I'll relish sharing some of my interviews, newspaper articles, videos and photos with you as I continue to blog for these form part of Mabi's World


PreXav said...

Wonderful summary of you professionally.

Mammi, dat hat/headgear collection di increase oh. When we go organise exhibition?


mabsfominyen said...

Thanks Precious.
I guess I'll have to organise the exhibition soon!

Anonymous said...

HELLO has never been the same since you left. Hope you come back on TV in the near future with "Mabi's World" Telly version.