Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mabi presents CRTV's Breakfast Show "HELLO"-

 By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

While in Cameroon for a short holiday, I once more presented 'HELLO'- the CRTV's Breakfast Show. In fact the management of CRTV had invited me prior to my arrival in Cameroon, asking me to come on the CRTV Breakfast show- HELLO!

 Actually, when CRTV launched this show in 2006, I was the pioneer presenter but a few years down the road, I moved out of the country.  However, I made it a point to watch the show when I could and to send words of encouragement to the entire production crew and team of reporters , urging them to keep the HELLO flag high! When CRTV's Director of TV Production and Programme learnt of my planned vacation to Cameroon, he immediately contacted me, mentioning that they would be happy to have me come on the show to "rekindle the memories of the viewers and fans of the programme".  I remember jokingly telling him "Boss thanks for inviting me, its been a while since I left TV presentation, I might have lost some basic TV presentation reflexes over time.............".   He said, he could never doubt my professionalism!

Invitation accepted, it was time for me to come on the show!

A few years might have gone by but when I walked into the CRTV studio that morning, it felt like it did  a few years back! Same camera crew, producer, and sound technicians, but for a few new faces of reporters who had joined the "regular faces "  or call them longtime staff,  on the show. I noticed the walls had been painted differently, the kitchen section was  still there, though with hardly anyone to cook like before!

It was so heart- warming to see everyone again ! It was also time to encourage the younger colleagues who just joined the profession and of course pose for photo shoots as colleagues streamed in, to welcome me. Here are a few pictures that were taken on the occasion. 
Mabi  Presenting CRTV's Breakfast show-HELLO!
Danjie -Cameraman, Nathalie-TV Producer & Mabi
I didn't see this coming! The producer liaised with Albert to  play an excerpt from a  programme I presented back in 2008, while I was on set!
Albert Njie Mbonde & Tabe Enonchong

Charles  Ebune & Mabi as he presents his segment on the show

Thank you  CRTV management! Many thanks to Njie Mbonde Albert ( one of ' Hello's' presenters and  to the rest of the  Hello team, for the welcome!

HELLO clocks 8 years in Two days - Feb 14 2014, Happy anniversary to the team!

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Congratulations! I'd have trema, if I went to TV.