Saturday, 11 May 2013

Adieu Moise Bangteke of CRTV, FM 105 Swelaba!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Moise Bangteke and Mabi  -CRTV  Littoral 2005.
This picture was taken at CRTV Littoral on March 8, 2005, during the Women's Day celebration, with Moise  Bangteke and I acting as MCs ( Impresarios). I still remember him jokingly saying to me " Attend je vais prendre une photo avec ma petite soeur, avec mes lunette noire .....!" Excuse my french!

According to his colleagues whom I joined on phone, Moise died yesterday( May 10, 2013),as he was being taken to the hospital, after collapsing during on a morning routine  walking exercise. Sad!

He had been on air the previous day and was expected to present his regular radio show from 10;am to 12noon, on Friday at FM 105 Douala, when news of his sudden death broke.

He was full of positive energy, life and vigour. Great qualities he wanted the younger generation of radio broadcasters to develop as they embarked on the FM radio entertainment business.

He was an exemplary and a devoted broadcaster, with an incredible youthful spirit that came across whenever he was on air!

You will be missed by many.
RIP Moise!


Anonymous said...

RIP Moise. Courage à toute la famille. Nous avons le coeur lourd.

Franklin Sone Bayen said...

he was an icon, mabi. see how life is? a decade or so ago, maybe more, mabi remember? bangteke had been so ill, his recovery after several months was considered a miracle. then he dies suddenly!

Anonymous said...

What a sadness, « eh Bangteke, eh ba »!!!God is rihgt at anytime. He perhaps decided to call you back to him. Just go and RIP !