Saturday, 17 July 2010

A New Man in My Life

I've got a new man in my life.

Yes, he's the one who has kept me so busy and far from this blog. He loves to be the centre of attention. It's been 24/24 hours "ndolo" (love) between him and I.

He actually was inside me for a good nine months. He kicked so hard, I could hardly sit to write as I would have loved to. But I loved every moment of it.

He's George Fominyen....jr. My son. My latest bundle of joy! I love him dearly!

What a blessing!

The baby is doing great! Big sister too. Mum, dad, and the rest of the family at home and abroad, have continued to celebrate the baby's arrival.

To God be the GLORY!


Efeti Mukeba said...

am called Efeti Mukeba, one of your long time fan and friend from Cameroon.What a pleasure to know there is "a new man in your life". CONGRATULATION!
I can see you and the family are doing great out there in Senegal. Am very delighted to visit "Mabi's World" what a wonderful initiative. Please you have all my blessings, encouragement and support as I look forward to be a constant visitor to this world.With LOVE! E.M.

Tanwie Talom Gilbert said...

Dear Mabi,
Congratulations once more. You have been an inspiration and source of happiness to many, and you deserve great happiness yourself. This is the first time l'm visiting your blog, and l loved reading through the articles. Reminds me of your earlier programs on Mount Cameroon FM and on CRTV . l am a huge fan, please keep up the good work. Regards to your family.

Anonymous said...

Gush Mabs,
you are so blessed and are such a blessing yourself. I knew i could find you anywhere on the web because your personality is through the roof. Just Happy for you,a boy and girl now-thats what i call a complete family and i envy you.
Thank yuo for everything you taught me, God bless you and your family.
Lily Zencha

mabsfominyen said...


Thank you so much.God bless you too my dear.

mabsfominyen said...

Tanwie & Lily

Oh my God! What a pleasant surprise!Thank you both for the kind words.I am humbled!

Lily, I suppose you should be flying really high now!

Tanwie, it has been ages!

All the best to you both!