Sunday, 28 February 2010

It's My Birthday!

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen,

What a blessing to turn one more year!

What a strange feeling to think one gets older as years actually come and go!

Did someone say "the older one gets the wiser one becomes?" Oh! that sounds so sweet when one looks at it from this perspective! Afterall wisdom is something to long for.

"Age is really a number......" So says my hubby!
How about that?

......and for my little girl, it's been a day of celebration starting with the sweet wordings on the birthday card she designed for mama......!
"Happy birthday mama. I wish you many more years and that you should continue being happy forever ."

Then the cutting of the birthday cake( another pleasant surprise), the gifts and plenty of love plus good wishes from family members and beloved ones.

I can't help but continue to count my blessings as the years come and go!

1 comment:

PreXav said...

Happy B-Day! One of my best phrases about getting older is 'age with Grace' and that is what I am wishing for you. Notice my 'Grace' starts with a big G, so it indicates it can only stem from the Almighty.

Miss you.

Hugs to G and K