Friday, 21 November 2008

Say Hello In An Attempt To Forster Peace

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Did you know that November 21 is World Hello Day?

Oh yes!

A day to say hello to atleast ten people.

A time to say hello to all those who are so special to you and also to those with whom you have been out of touch for some time.

World Hello Day is an opportunity to learn about the value of saying" hello."

It is a day to express concern for world peace and anyone can participate in the activities.

Did you know that World Hello Day greeting card exist?

Oh yes!

World Hello day began in 1973 , in an attempt to promote peace between Egypt and Isreal .
Since then , the day has been observed by people in different parts of the world.Today there are over 180 countries, as well as individuals and communitees involved in an attempt to forster peace.

World Hello Day was also created to urge world leaders to try communication rather than military force in settling conflicts and crisis.

How about greeting ten people or more for peace?

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