Friday, 17 October 2008

Ever thought of Healing your Back-ache with Python Oil?

By Mabi Azefor Fominyen

Life is a mystery. What scares one person is often another's toy!

On one of my trips to Bamenda, the headquarters of Cameroon's North West Province, I noticed a crowd at the commercial avenue. As I drew closer, I heard screams from women. But I wasn't sure about what was happening. Then one of the onlookers pointed at a man playing with a huge reptile. A python! My first instinct was to run. But the journalist in me ordered my frightened reflexes to stay. I pulled out my camera and decided to discover this man.

Papa "mboma" is a sort of snake-charmer in Bamenda, North West Province-Cameroon. He works with pythons known in Cameroon pidgin English as Mboma. He claims that the oils from the Mboma could be used to treat rheumatism, back-ache, knee injuries, etc. He even suggests that the mboma oil could be an anti-dote for poison. He says he is not afraid of being bitten. Watch this piece...

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